Anchors Away Marina
5925 E. Saylor St.
Marblehead, OH 43440


Winter Storage 2019-2020 pricing is per square foot plus tax)

per square foot. Cold Storage requires your boat to be winterized.

Inside Heated: $6.50 per square foot. Winterization is not required when you choose heated storage.
HEATED STORAGE: Heated storage has limited space. Call for availability.

Outside: $2.25 per square foot. Contact our office for Shrinkwrap pricing. 

Boats Stored OFF Property:  Rental of our stands: $75.00 (non-refundable).  If the stands are not returned at the end of winter storage, there will be a $100/charge per stand. Contract is required for use of our stands.

Pressure Wash: $2.00 / ft.  All boats stored in our buildings or transported by us require a pressure wash. Boats stored in rack do not require pressure washing, unless at the request of our customers.

Hoist: $2.00/ft. ONE WAY.  Boats stored by us will not be charged a hoist fee. 

Transport: $180 ONE WAY.  Boats stored by us will not be charged a transport fee. Our transport services are limited to the area. 

Winterization fees vary each year.  Prices are available in the Fall prior to Haul-Out Season.
Customers winterized by Anchors receive free recommissioning in the Spring. 

If Summit Marine shrink-wrap's and winterizes your boat, you receive free outside storage. 

Client responsible for shrink wrap & winterization charges. Boat must be brought to our location 
by customer and boat must be on a trailer.